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Vision Statement

By understanding the needs of our veterans, we 

<a href=”https://chiefessays.net/2-argumentative-essay-examples/” style=”text-decoration: none; color:#333″>rved our nation by </a> serve those that have served our nation by providing the right solution for military transition to gainful civilian employment.

Mission Statement

Career Connect Solutions (CCS) specializes in providing career

<a href=”https://sigmaessays.com/powerpoint-presentations/” style=”text-decoration: none; color:#333″>coaching</a>coaching, job training, job placement, and corporate consulting to individuals and companies of all sizes. We maintain the competitive advantage by connecting people with the right opportunities to fulfill endless possibilities.

Our Veterans

Upon departure from the military, many new veterans face difficulties in transitioning their military-attained skills to civilian employment. This also holds true for Reservist and Guardsmen who are either unemployed or underemployed. By and large, this is partly due to the economic environment and also due the veteran’s not fully understanding the business language or job requirements of the business leaders who may hire them. As we have firsthand knowledge of the concerns of veterans, we take a personal approach in the care of our clients’ specific needs. We accomplish this via direct communication with the veteran at various stages—prior to and after their departure from the military. During this period, we will evaluate their military and other gained experience to determine any additional training that may be required to create a stronger foundation they can use to obtain the job opportunity they desire. Upon completion of the recommended customized training needed to obtain civilian-recognized certification, CCS will maintain this information in a controlled (exclusive Military Veteran Only) database that will be presented to current and future hiring agencies and companies.

According to a 2012 Society for Human Resources Management poll, only 13 percent of the companies hiring vets reported being very aware of effective resources for recruiting veterans (Stars and Stripes by Derek Turner). “The civilian business community does not understand military service skills and how to translate them,” he said. “But they want to.”

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Important Facts

veteran employment stats


companies hiring vets reported being very aware of effective resources for recruiting veterans


veterans who feel unprepared for their career transition out of the military


employers reported that veterans could do a better job translating their military skills into corporate job skills


service members separated from the military each year